Roboreader is a fast and free advanced image viewer.

Screen Shots Features Image Processing
Roboreader's goal is to offer minimal user interface intrusion. Speed and elegance are key here. The idea is that you are looking at an image, there is no reason pixels should be sacrificed for a static UI while doing so.

Yes, you are looking at all of it.
  • Archive support for ZIP/CBZ/RAR/CBR
  • Minimal UI footprint
  • ZIP archive image viewing
  • Animated GIF support
  • High quality bicubic image processing
  • Image tag filtering (XMP metadata)
  • File age filtering
  • Desktop pasting
  • Custom Slideshows
  • Hardware acceleration
  • ICC profile support
  • Fast load speeds
* Not all features tested for Windows XP compatibility.
Roboreader offers bicubic image resize filtering for superior image viewing in addition to bilinear, fant and nearest neighbor. Most web browsers and image viewers use a lower quality bilinear image processing.

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